Zhejiang Xinrui Heavy Industries was awarded

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By one hundred construction nets with JianXie certification center jointly organized the "2017 China construction industrial chain supplies and supply new model" and "brand building" peak BBS was held in Shanghai on December 16, released 2016 "potter star" in one hundred China's construction industry characteristic brand enterprise.On the BBS, China's construction industry association deputy secretary-general king wan, vice chairman of the China association for tendering and bidding and managing deputy secretary-general xiao-lin li, Beijing JianXie certification center co., LTD., chairman of hai-shan wang etc on behalf of the sustainable development for Chinese construction enterprises in-depth discussion on the brand and market innovation.Association, trimming, premium quality around the construction enterprise, top real estate developers, remember good building materials, equipment supplier and media such as a total of more than 700 people, more than 500 enterprises.Zhejiang letter rui heavy industry was rated as "star in one hundred as" Chinese excellent enterprise brand construction characteristics.

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"Star in one hundred as" China's construction industry characteristic brand enterprise is by the construction of one hundred web "and" JianXie certification center "jointly, online voting, expert final review, selected construction characteristic brand outstanding enterprises in China and China construction characteristic brand quality materials equipment suppliers 50 each.Zhejiang rui heavy industry won the award letter, for the brand to write down the milestone of the development of the thick ink color of a thick.


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Above: As the biggest R&D and Production Base of concrete placing equipments in China, TRUEMAX GROUP established in 2003, includes production factories, trading division, specialized in designing, developing, and manufacturing Concrete Machinery & Technologies, mainly includes Concrete Placing Boom, Concrete Batching Plant, Concrete Pump, Concrete Boom Pump, ect. In order to guarantee TRUEMAX quality control, ISO 9001:2008, CE,GOST and other international certificates were acquired and granted. Our products and services are closely aligned with the work flows and plans of our customers. We offer a wide-ranging portfolio, combing premium-quality products with first-class services. As a professional supplier of construction equipment, TRUEMAX provide our customers with the best engineer solution for construction projects. We design and optimize the correct model of equipments according to different projects. ---The following is a classic case of company:


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Above: HG13A-3Z Hydraulic Mobile Placing Boom,used in Shanghai Xinggang Building Project (Shanghai Construction Engineering),this project is located in Shanghai north bund core area, covers an area of about 40000 square meters, the ground and underground with a total construction area of 40 square meters, (including commercial street as the center area of 110000 square meters), by party heart real estate investment (China) co., LTD.


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Above: mobile concrete placing boom HG15C-3R,used in Fujian Huajia Caiguang Electric Factory Project (Shanghai Baoye),invested by Taiwan; chunghwa fujian HDT color co., LTD., a high and new technology of the construction of the area of the project total investment 24 billion, the project covers an area of 2000 mu, the construction unit of Shanghai treasure group。


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Above: HG17B-3R mobile concrete placing boom,used in Shenyang Yujing Center Project (China Construction II Bureau Northeast Company), project height above 325 m, covers an area of 84000 square meters.


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Above: concrete beam field special HG19A cloth machine, used for business and shanghai-hangzhou railway project;TieShiBaJu in taihe beam, bozhou south beam, TieSiJu nest in hubei beam field, China railway electrification, liang zheng wan railway projects;China railway 10 bureau 2 company new item beam field, China railway bureau 20 lu mountain ridge, jinan-qingdao railway project: China railway 10 bureau of jinan beam field.


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Above: the concrete formwork fixed fabric machine HG21AM - 3 r, used in nanning, China resources center project (zhongjian eight innings of guangxi branch), the building is the following 3 floor, podium five floors above the ground, a tower of 90 layer, layer roof building a total height of 435.2 meters, the crown at the top of the tower elevation 443.5 meters.


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Above: concrete hydraulic climbing cloth machine HG24A within a 3 r, is used in the Beijing construction, northwest's tallest building, the rui. Xi 'an financial center, 350 meters high.

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Above: the special concrete bridge formwork cloth machine HG28AM - 3 r, five company rifampicin railway project for China railway DaQiaoJu FPZQ 3 standard, about 11.15 km, bridge USES double deck, bottom is double-track railways, the design speed of 200 kilometers, can run the, was the top for 100 km/h six-lane highway, after completion will become China's first male amphibious cross-sea bridge of iron.